Indian ads  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Surf excel-Isme hai such much apnapen..???

Intellectually tintillating,eh?; with that little kid brushing soap on that shirt creating high amount of soapsuds that can literally spoil the skin.and then,the goofy woman enters the scene hugging the little kid uttering the absurd duologue.Either these kind of ad-makers consider their audience senti-'mentally'-demented or are just comfortably adept being corny.

Cadbury-Ek pyara sa bandhan

Yet another side of flipside of interesting advertising.Why are these ads such suck-puppets of emotions..?..that they suck a large amount of audience..:P..with such passe informercials.But there are a few ads which really make sense-Bajaj Avenger,Sprite ads,amongest a few I remember right now.

Then theres another kind of creative advertising..,where the soap-operas publisize each other in their series."ba,aapne Tv pe (name of the new soap) ka ad dekha hai?..,isnt your sucking enough that you introduce your new and improved whining breed...But this is idea is a little innovative,and.., very tempting,yes :PP

'And the award goes to...."


The super-sucker!!:D and the stuttering simpleton