benison bay  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

I killed the genius in my mind,
As middling love was to unwind,
all the nous churned and grind,
where do i go to search and find..

the peace of the commoner,
is all I have,
fecundity grives in some corner,
making me appear stupid and naive.

Why was spunk a goner?
charm and panache are sad loners,
uneasy in the current mein,
Maverick in me is all maimed.

I see and pass without any thought,
Ideas dont rain in this drought,
punch me in and punch me out,
I shall come back and reign without a doubt.

Laughing with the rustic,I despise,
Where is my..? fire and Ice?
Grunge and bold,asquashing tame,
I aint a pretty little dame.

Intimidated are people by me,
Am I supposed to be a cutsy queen bee?
This aint going down well with me,
Thats not what I see,what I see of me.

Cute boys,cowboys,playboys,
In the land of the lost,
Wannabes,pseudos are living ghosts,
aint a pretty sight to make a toast.

Mind comforts with lowbrow and petty,
Alright,alright,I wont sweat it..
I see the bloom of the new doom,
I'm too real to fit in and groom.

Waiting to finish with the mad quest,
rhetorical fancy aint a bequest,
The charming dance...
Of the wilted romance,
is not what my platter made a request.

Is there an unruffled gut?
that dont taste like butter peanut?
that dont change colours to a new sun ray?
when sun dont shine on a cloudy day..
Will that be your new birth-day?

Chained and armoured with clusters of myth,
bygone beliefs or surreal mischief?
unexplored domain,underneath the rim,
did you ever care to go down and swim?

time people forgot,
time sans fags and faggots,
time you alone cannot touch,
it aint no philosophy of the dutch,
time that people thrawt.

esoteric heros,todays mock heroic,
fossiled from an old relic,
boxed in derision with sinister lick,
feigness is what people choose to pick,
picturesque it to a click clique.

bliss of ignorance be fined,
to ursher qualities divine,
a new recepie,a new cuisine,
of living a life,is what i derive,
shedding the shadow hunters of halloween.

is happiness an infancy?
evinced by adam and eve?
before awakening evermore oops-a-daisy,
from the forbidden fruit of grieves.

viscious circle of distrust,
all sacred things deep in Earth's crust,
happy to lay underground and rust,
than stay on top and turn to dust.

the soul learns atlast,
in the midst of dismay standing aghast,
bare and free in a new dominion,
awaiting a new life,a new origin.

What is to claim?who's to blame?
When transgression is volatile and tame,
glories of past and fame...
are bygone,whats new to aim?

What if His figurings are wrong?
and the Holy God has follied?
Will the soul get soiled?
In satanic fashion,we be boiled?

Supreme has nothing new to learn?
In the heart of darkness mortal alone burns..
how many errands the soul has to run?
To have his mercy and be one?

Beauty and old scars,
mind and soul is at war,
to summit righteousness of a Tzar,
A game of quid pro quo,a bartar.

Good alone aint good enough,
Fanatic prayers is the see we sow,
Why does He always wants us to bow?
When we can choose to progress and grow?

Great Expectations...  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Those who ride fast,ride alone.A bold,non-nonsense image of a person is by default expected to be so perfect all the time,people start having sensless expectations.I have experienced this especially.People cannot digest the fact that I too can feel the blues at times,i'm pretty chilled-out as a matter of fact.Ruthless honesty and perfection is strictly reserved for things related to work.My work is art,and any work of art,be it designing,painting etc looks shady without pitiless perfection.People expect me to be strong all the time.Thats crazy...!We are human beings,arent we?Leaders,people who lead are expected to be strong all the time..well,that is good and beneficial esp and only if it is related to work and get things done.Otherwise theres a simple side to everybody i guess,atleast there is to me.We seem to develop so many pre-concieved notions about everybody,it hardly gives us a chance to really get to know someone.How many people in our lives do we actually know?or want to know?Fast-paced life is it?thats excuse is good enought,aint it?We can pretty much sail through our empty lives just making aquaintainces and not fully share a mental connection,atleast.We are more inclinced to dwell in pretences and swim through the quagmire of petty phoney goodies on occassions.Have we unlearnt what our anscestors have taught us and learnt to live empty lives.Our souls are moldered to entertaining complex emotions and paradoxies as a way of life.Its a shame how assertion is understood and accepted only when taught in a b-school.We need an institution to learn about conviction regarding self and priorities?Have we really reached a shallow point to have a donnish education to imbue all this learning?Its sad how low expectations we have of ourselfs and others which are sometimes less pragmatic and more unrealistic.