Being Prompt  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Strange it is as I obeserve and experience how promptness has lost its lustre.People like to keep you waiting for info,meetings,etc just to show control instead of promptly responding to zesty earnestness and get the work flowing.What surprises me is the amusement people get out of my 'prompt' response in simple situations where waiting is a burdensome expense to both the individuals.This dosage must be given to all the goverment officials who treat promptitude like a deadly evildoing.Just imagine how work can speed up if all of us follow this simple principle of responding pronto.Your loved ones will be more than happy.The most ignored and baffeled misgiving so far is delaying response to a personal or professional quest.Really is it a big deal?RSVP is not reserved to customer-service alone.We delay response coz we fear that we will be taken for granted or our readiness maybe misread on various occassions.Its really strange and sad that this effective quality is so misunderstood to be kicked and manipulated per se in the open that it has lost its value,unless implemented as a company policy for a specific area of work.However one can always delay response to absorbing unpleasant or negative traits such as sloth or any type of hazardous addiction.

People are unusually amused to see me respond with quickeness and a sense of urgency to their quest.However I do priortize my response based on which task is worth paying immediate attention.I also train my crew to do the respond without delay and follow the principle of transperancy.

To responsd or not to is the question..

tranquil saturday  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

I love what I do,I do what I love.Today's been one of the most tranquil days.Like the texture of atmosphere is an even soothing aura from still crystal sky flowing in my studio.I feel the stillness of my mind,of my emotions,of my thoughts,of my nous.A tabula rasa of a novel avenue in the avalanche of fecundity.


Posted by Vaishali Adwant

oh how you miss me,
as i set you free,
in the world of wannabe.

oh how you miss my head,
every regret that tear shread,
every drop of blood it bred.

oh how you miss my pain,
caused by your sisters-wrath and blame,
all the envy and shame.

oh how you miss my cells,
filled with your evil spell,
sheltered in the shell,
you made life hell.

your children arrogance and indolence,
grew up to lose their innocence,
under my thought's guidance,
open to the world of audience.

oh how you miss the drama,
in your theater of violence,
now entertained as nuisence,
to all my five senses.

oh how you miss the thrill,
that sent down the chill,
all the venome you made me spill,
till this part of my cycle.
you made all the emotions still
deep-frying in your grill,
all the good things you killed.

oh how you miss the bliss,
of ruling with your hiss,
nous gave you a goodbye-kiss,
from the school of thought,your're dismissed.

oh how you miss me,
and i remember you at times,
when you are needed and worthy,
when justice aint merthy.

A thief in the neighbourhood  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

One showery midnight,i was strolling in my balcony,looking into the dark of small hours;pondering in the quite.In a moment I saw a middle-age baldy holding in 6-feet wooden rod sauntering in my neighbour's garden.I assumed him to be an inhabitant of that dwelling as I waited to see his whereabouts in the grave silence.This house has a narrow passage inbetween the windows and our compound wall.The burglar nonchalantly entered this passage and was peeping through the aged wooden window.Just then my spine realized this felon is no indweller.I screamed leaving this crook confused,he couldnt see the source of this shrill voice in the obscure time-slot.He then saw me after wandering his big black eyes and immediately ran outside the other gate making a thundering noise.To my dismay and surprise nobody woke up,still.I immediately rang to the sherif and gave him a jist of what just happened.They however did their bit of formal errand for barely 10 mins in the neighbourhood whisteling and enquiring with other watchmen with of course no result.However after two days i see the same guy entering quietly in my other neighbour's house.Slowly opening the gate and peeping again into the watchmen's house.Just then a cab hits the lane making a screeching noise(thanks to those bpo employees who come home at midnight),and he rightaway leaves those apartments like a normal denizen.However I immediately call the watcheman and inform him and most of the people in my neighbourhood I know of this burglar errand.Since then me thinks most of the people are on a lookout even in their most unpredictable time of the hour.

This was the first time I saw what a thief looks like and his dumbass activities.I wish I had recording of some horror-flick laughter which I could play with full volume to scare this dumbwit away.All and all a sound sleep is probably not a good sleep,esp if such jerks are lurking around.

A Day at my Store  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

As challenging entrepreneurship is, it also comes along with a delight that you might just feel right. My bespoke designer studio is situated in a quiet mall that has motley of offices and shops. It’s not humanly possible to feel enchanted every day however it’s worth the effort. A workday with latte and a brisk smile in the wild wilderness of ingenuity.Roleplaying from being a hard-taskmaster to hobbyist of creative pursuits of assorted miscellanea adds that extra dash I have always been looking forward to. Blissfully blogging, writing and designing, my studio is a different sphere altogether where work seems a melody blended with harmony of my imagination insync with the rhythm of time. I sit at my desk looking at passerby while creating a fictitious world in my mind. People drop in sometimes to enquire about what I design at my studio; as it gives an impression of some sort of abstraction. That’s how I like it, to keep the curiosity amongst people alive coz the obvious is never attractive and you have less to talk. So I take this opportunity to talk to people about my products and work. It gives me a chance to connect. I like people, I like to connect. A workday is more assorted than structured and I’m lost in the randomness which is my natural element.

I leapfrog..  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Awakened from a nightmare of languor,
Solemn promise to fecundity arose,
In the midst of choler and chaos,
Transcending through the mortal burrow.
Fleeting fame, burning angst,
Passion benumbed by middling hiss,
Acute crusade of whimsies amidst,
I leapfrog to hug and kiss,
The lulu splendour,
Sordidness amissed.
To be bold, I was told,
An old memory did I hold,
Truth and dare did unfold.
In a blistering weather so cold.
I resurrect from the bemire of dire
And cleanse in the intellection
Of lofty ideals and ism
Of heedful cerebrations
Of lucid gumptions.
And bring to life
A novel founding
That unbinds us from winding.

Hannibal pun-periodic  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Well,Let’s Pun!

This is going to be a melange of a pun-periodic ranging from simple instances to some scenes in movies.While I was watching hannibal the cannibal movie,I was wondering what kind of spoof can one make of this movie.Human-eat-Human in rat race is real but this movie has taken that fact quite literally.

Some useful characterstics of  Hannibal Lector:

1.How do you reduce the population?

2.How do you ge rid of wannabes,imposters,phoneys
Ans:By Consumption

3.Where to learn classic letter writing?
Ans:Hannibal Lecture classes

4.What is the only thing that Hannibal Lecter does not eat?
Ans:Himself and probably Agent Clarice Starling

5.What happens when you mess with Hannibal lecter
Ans:He’ll chew you alive (just look at Mason Verger)

6.How do you get rid of a bad government?

7.What is the potential of Hannibal in politics?
Ans:Potent potential.He eats bad people,clears the bad traffic.common ppl vote for the criminal-eating leader.

8.What is the most dangerous weapon of Hannibal?

9.What tooth-paste does Hannibal Lector use?
Ans: Vico-dunt mangan

10.Does Hannibal ever suffer a tooth Decay?
Ans:He flosses.So much for the passion of human consumption.

11.What does Hannibal lecter regret?
Ans:Not being able to eat Ghosts.

12.Whats Hannibal’s secret fantasy?
Ans:If ghosts had form,he’d broaden his law of consumption.

13.Who inspired Hannibal to kill?
Ans:God,it seems.This is his rambling philosophy of dry-gulching.”Tell me, Will. Did you enjoy it? Your first murder? Of course you did. And why shouldn’t it feel good? It does to God. Why only last week in Texas, he dropped a church roof on the heads of 34 of his worshippers, just as they were groveling for him. He wouldn’t begrudge you for one Journalist.”

14.Why isnt Hannibal aware of raksha-bandhan(festival)?
Ans:ground forces ate his sister

15.Is Hannibal an ardent fan of gluttony?
Ans:Yes.Ask dead people

16.What is height of gluttony?
Ans:Hannibal Lecter

17.Whos is Hannibal’s Best pal?
Ans: Count Dracula

18.Who’d Invite Hannibal for a  tête-à-tête?
Ans: Dracula and the Twilight goofy moron

19.What happens at this dinner?
Ans:Both, Lecter and Dracula deride Edward Cullan for being a pea brain traitor. Hannibal lecter rambles in his famous style-”Then here’s one… you stink of fear under that cheap lotion. You stink of fear Ed, and you’re a sissy coward. You fear me, but still you came here. You fear, shy boy, yet still you seek Bella. Don’t you understand, Ed?

Dracula to Hannibal:You came here because we’re very much alike. Without our imaginations, we’d be like Ed and all those other poor… dullards.

20.How will Lecter’s Law of Consumption effect human economy?
Ans:Ppl,who are the leftovers of Lecter will enjoy the riches of the world economy.

21.How will Steve Jobs react to this?
Ans:He’ll innovate Lecter-degenerating gadget with complex features and slick -chew resistent model.

22.What will Bill gates do?
Ans: Copy-Paste under .exe extension of this file

23.Why will the world not come to a doom?
Ans: cause we can ctrl+c and Ctrl+v

24.Why will only techie guys survive in Hannibal’s reign?
Ans:Hannibal is computer illiterate.He only likes art.Strong likes led to his doom.

25.Who all will come together to annihilate Lecter?
Ans:Steve Jobs,Noam Chomsky,Dr.Edward Nygma aka Riddler,Vogons,Optimus Prime team(He doesnt eat robots-hehe)

26.What certificate will be awarded to Hannibal?
Ans:Demented manifesto

The singular gluttoneous solution to all mind-blogging problems in the world-Hannibal the Cannibal’s philosophy of consumption.
Later leading to his doom for over doing it.Never re-do or over-do,just do it!

My experience with rainbowfm 101.9  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Now that I have been the owner and designer of the brand Faporazee,I get invited as a guest either on tv shows or the radio.My show on rainbowfm 101.9 on 18th of june was quite memorable.

3.00 :started to make a move to reach AIR,Nampally.I was almost near the destination,yet a little doubtful if I have reached the right place.Was only a few meters from the place when I asked a commuter about where the AIR office is?and he told me it's right ahead..straight just a few steps.

3.55:I reach the office,I call the RJ :Julie who had invited me.Follow her to the announcer room and have a little chat.
Show started exactly at 4.30:Geet gata chaal.It started with julie introducing me and what I do.It followed with a chat on fashion(apparently,obvious reasons) and i answered a few queries on fashion and ofcourse by the end of the I sang let love in-goo goo dolls and ended the show with a beaming so long.Was quite a good experience.As I say,each day is new and I embrace it with calm,charm and in harmony.


Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Life's on the 5th gear,
ready to bear and share,
its quirks and queers,
laughter that brings tears..

Simple things is all one needs to make life wonderful.A cup of coffee and yeats in a beautiful weather.Being with people you love,and do things you love..thats what life is all about.Making each day count,doing simple things differently.As I rise and make lovely breakfast and enjoy it with the beauty of early morning,when the sky has not yet removed its carpet to allow sunshine.Morning walks with the dew and fresh air,adds that extra appeal to life.Evertime Icreate,innovate and think ideas,it pours all hue in my soul and life seems so full.

As I observe,I grow in mind,in emotions and wisdom;thank that quirky guy up there to have given me all that I have and do better each day.What we miss is to sit back,observe,retrospect and be thankful for all that we have and can be.Why feel sad,jilted,dejected at any point of time?when theres so much we can explore,learn,give.I'm glad to have found the pleasure of exploring,learning new things and giving whatever I can,to contribute to share with this world.Failures are a part of this life,so why cribe when its not the only experience of human life?Its has its own aura and hidden knowledge that we must unveil instead of cribbing about pandemic things such as your job,your boss,people around you,g/f,bf,love,money...When you sit back and give all of your worries a neutral thought,you'll know what wonderful holding you have missed in the process of cribbing.Why waste emotions on boredom,sadness,and such synonymous when theres always a hidden opportuinity waiting to give us peace,composure in this rat race.

Life is simple and beautiful unless we complicate it.I have chosen not to givin to worries rather work on anything that poses a challenge to my inner peace and composure.True sometimes we have to be tough,a tough nut to get results,get things done,but that is that.Work,love,family,friends,people,muse,imagination,mentation all complete this wonderful process.Each has its part to play,why not give everything its place in the right proportion and balance life turfing out any negative emotion in the headway.Thats what I have always tried to do and have succeeded so far.Life isnt perfect but we still cant miss its beauty dwelling on imperfections.I have loved to explore and will continue to do so...finding new avenues,knowing different people,observing learning and improving what has to be improved.

I love the fact that we are priviledged to be provisioned with so many things that can be utilized to create something new and be happy.Change and newness is what I have loved.I have trained my mind to say no to giving up wht does good to me,my life and people around me.Each day has its lovely moments and I treasure it all.I'm an idealist that accepts reality and still floats through the bliss of fertile imagination.

Condescending armchair  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Hauteur tops the wish list,
Of vile variety amidst.

Landlords of overbearing gut,
Lodges in the mind of a mutt.
Hemline of erudition chucks,
In the spirit of edifying cult.

Eerie errands of eyeses,
Sagacity shamed to death,
False notions mind entices,
Mead of follies covered in sheath.

Sham of high-brow tiff,
In the condescending armchair,
Throttling mental mastiff,
Inside the hominid lair.

Filigree of ire  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

I told you so, I told you so,
Said the ticking time,
Love as slender as dove,
Fruition worth a dime. 

Tapestry of bondage,
Tailed bereft espionage,
Lured in feigned charm,
True virtue of love is shammed.

Art of manipulation,
Blinds ideation of reality,
Gild of confused estranged,
Fall prey to unavailability.

Wise learn in silence,
Distorted become soar,
Sensible spue negligence,
Rube’s have apocalyptic uproar.

All said and done,
Cliché of emotions larn,
The human mind is dire,
Soaked in false hopes and bemired.

Alarming appeal of traits,
In mindless lurching gait,
Stood and made you wait,
Till rhyme and reason abates.

I told you so, I told you so,
Time chuckles to remind,
Truth bitter and cold,
The opium seemed divine.

In war of light and dark,
A new beginning waits to embark,
Potions of zeal surface,
Ramming quagmire’s embrace.

As you set yourself free,
From the filigree of ire,
And negligee of flake attire,
Mirth is stable and glee.

Life's Upbeat  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Life's upbeat
with work and relief
with zeal and belief
felicity it meets

can of worms
have no place to roam
in closets or dorms
in offices or homes

when you take the bait to strive
with hope and rely
and dreams to fly
gantlets dont belie-
courage and freedom,
or an intriguing  martyrdom

Will of your soul,
doled-out trust patrol
to have emotions in control
Saviour meaningful whole

bandits of mind
chained and sawed and grind,
despair dumb and blind,
eudemon unbinds and rewinds

to the spirit unconcealed,
blackball what cant yield,
play smart in the field,
The secret is revealed

The secret of this Earth,
that put you far and forth,
swaying in rue and mirth
nescience is in dearth

knowledge is pain,
nothing goes in vain
erstwhile whims disdained
Scored a bull's eye to fame