Assorted Stirs  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant


Here I am,
To be with you,
Singing anew..

Find me then,
On this den,
Where human beast,
Lusts in piece.

Bind us and...
Go to the land,
Where no human makes,
Short errand.

Lure our soul,
Into the sweet galore,
Every breath doles,
A melody untoured..

Origin of Originality

Born in nothing,
Born from nothing,
One morning..
The world began...

You felt the gravity,
You felt the ground,
Your soul is bound...

and go on...
But do you know..
How was I born?

You fought the mirage,
You cant deny..

I exist,
Not in the mind,
Not in the soul,
But life persists..

Thoughts fake me,
Genius awakes me,
Pride takes me...
Where you are no more.

I aint there,
You know anywhere.
You came to me,

You pushed nescience,
To a new horizon,
Everytime you knew,
My spark was in you..

You made me known,
To the world unsung,
A paradox,
Ever begun...


I'm the species,
Known to peace,
When you unearth,
The reality.

Im the flavour,
You taste forever,
When emotions dive deep,
Into this quagmire.

I'm the art,
Innocence knew,
With the human smart,
This truth flew...

To the domains unknown,
Human quests,
Hearts blown,
With faux bequests.

Passion of Couture

Lived in me,
Throught the journey,
Before I could see,
Where I was abt to be.

Gave me fire,
Gave me light,
In the darkness..
Of twilight.

Made my hunger,
Deeper and ever,
On this dungeon..
Where man quivers.

Showed me the way,
To reach Him there,
When man awaits,
To unearth and bare.

My soul designed..
To exist you,
Any impediment...
It would sinew.

Passion knew you,
Before it was born...
In this mortal sojourn.


Posted by Vaishali Adwant

I wanna go to Antartica...

Different species in the far away continent;
Cold and on going,
I wish to live with these penguins:
frozen with my heart,
I dont need to be smart..
Distant from far-out techno-humans,
Close to eskimatic sermons,
A light year dist from spark and fire:
A para sec dist from feud and hostire:
Aint a lovely life either-
Indifferent to pressues n showy demeanour;
Some thrill,some zeal,
With these penguins,solitude conceals.
No wars,no vampires,
No divine sun-deep desires;
No shelter,still secure,
No disease,so no cure.
You alone are wise,
-A mesimerised frog in the cold lake of ice,
No laws of averages,
But only extremes;
No beverages,
Water from the iced-streams.
A bizzare statue of Me shall find,
Juss in a few days,as my shrine;
Mellowing in summer,Resurrecting in winter...
My spirit in it shall remain,
Me grown numb,immune with no pain!
Padlocked in the robust glaciers..
-I wanna go to Antartica...

Indian ads  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Surf excel-Isme hai such much apnapen..???

Intellectually tintillating,eh?; with that little kid brushing soap on that shirt creating high amount of soapsuds that can literally spoil the skin.and then,the goofy woman enters the scene hugging the little kid uttering the absurd duologue.Either these kind of ad-makers consider their audience senti-'mentally'-demented or are just comfortably adept being corny.

Cadbury-Ek pyara sa bandhan

Yet another side of flipside of interesting advertising.Why are these ads such suck-puppets of emotions..?..that they suck a large amount of audience..:P..with such passe informercials.But there are a few ads which really make sense-Bajaj Avenger,Sprite ads,amongest a few I remember right now.

Then theres another kind of creative advertising..,where the soap-operas publisize each other in their series."ba,aapne Tv pe (name of the new soap) ka ad dekha hai?..,isnt your sucking enough that you introduce your new and improved whining breed...But this is idea is a little innovative,and.., very tempting,yes :PP

'And the award goes to...."


The super-sucker!!:D and the stuttering simpleton

Cliched subjects of the human life  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant


Sounds schoolish isn't it?The stuff we loved discussing when we were in school.The age when we are all little crazy things,exited and eager to know and get known to each other.Budding friends of the budding friendships.We had innocent fights and the typical dost-katiff issues,we seriously dealt with.And those endless discussions on what friendship means,and what kind of a great friend you are,and each and every trivial thing you share giving it utmost importance.and how forgetting to share your latest crush or any such 'important'(grinning) thing was a matter of perpetual annoyance to either you or your friends.We needed to know each and every minute detail about each other as little kids,failing which was treated as some kind of betrayal(lol).All of this is amusing and funny esp when you see little kids discussing the same kind of stuff you had discussed and having the same old innocent fights..things dont really change do they.They are kind of cliched.

Then as we grow our priorities keep changing day by day.The elementary habits hardly change.Of course,theres a new constituent,reformation and more maturity.So we treat it with an element of dash.We join online 'friends/business' groups.Make more and more friends.So isnt the whole idea of 'making friends' a cliche?gimme sumthing new people.Of course you really cannot live without these cliches,but the fact remains that these are such hackneyed phrases,they kinda sound juvenile.

ah,the eternal topic of- muse,daydreaming,debate,discussions.Everybody just loves ranting and raving about love at anytime,at any age.Love is beautiful,full filling,absorbing,blah blah.We can't stop thinking about it whether we are/aren't in love.Regardless of just about anything,we cant stop jabbering on it.New age has new definitions,maybe more easy and practical but the what remains is that its a cliched emotion which we feel and like to feel at some point of time.'Tis a worldly thing.We influence our culture/western culture mix up things and make its simplicity over crowded with different definitions.We are still thinking abt it even if we are in love..of how beautiful it is or can be.SO theres no end to whether you have it or not.The subject still remains even after life ends.Boy,Its cliched to death!:D


hmm...cant say much about this unity in diversity.'Tis full of cliches.You are friends,fall in love and then marry.You meet online,fall in love, marry.and last but not the least-'Tis coup de foudre - love at first sight,blah blah blah,marry.Isnt this planet tired of bearing these cliches.Of course there are atrocities and crap but I really dont want to discuss those cliches.Only because I choose to talk of pleasant things most of the time.Coming back to the topic,theres cribbing,theres fulfillment,theres humour-all revolving round this matter.So,yet another series of cliches.We heard,experienced,read,debated about all the related topic...but we still arent tired.No matter how much we like change and adventure,these ground realities,cliched things of this planet remain firm on the ground.We can give it twist and turns,but we cannot bring in something pleasantly new that overrides these cliches.

Carnal making.

The desire,the need,the root for all the good and sin.To me 'its a spiritual union between two loving souls.'its cliched but very true.and a stabilizing factor only in its truest form.Over years we have developed different philosophies,different approaches bringing us all back to the basic animal instincts.Maybe either due to peer pressures,or intolerance towards morality in the name of modern outlook,we have made modifications to this very spiritual journey.'Tis no more a big deal for many.True its no big deal,its there,its been there.Infact those who we call the ancient we good at everything.Its an art which you learn all by yourself once you are truly,madly deeply in love with each other.Theres no lust in making love coz theres passion and theres passion coz there is emotion,trust,bond.The feeling of eternity is different from what an indivisual lusts.Lust is crude,coz it has no form,no bond.People often confuse or diffuse love and sex with lust.Lust is altogether a different urge.Yes,lust is an urge,its not an emotion,requires no bonding.'tis like a porforated vessel,no matter how much you fill it,at some point you need to keep refilling it else you end up feeling like an empty container.Theres no stability coz there are loopholes,where;things seeming to give to a path,a direction keep slipping the sacredness of a union.You cannot desire a person you cannot love or connect with.The modern world is very practical to the point of losing its spiritual aspect.Practicality means not getting carried away by unnecessary/unwanted clutter in the mind.It means keeping insync with our heart,emotions and mind.Practicality is a healthy state of mind and not a cold-calculating state of uncontrolled desires.Its important to abide by the laws of nature,and still develop a modern,unbiased way of life rather merely get influenced by the idea of being modern or cool without much thought.This kind of cool dude attitude and so called modernity is biased coz you are not ready to look on the other side.You are just happy thinking you have freedom to do what you want.But freedom is not partial to your selfish desires that lacks the element of wisdom in it.


Freedom is a healthy and a positive thought process and action being unbound to your own biases and feelings,free to think regardless of your own repulsions.Its ridiculous and ironical that you feel free only when you can do what you want like your own 'freedom has boundries' set by you but your conscious is not free enough to know where the truth lies or what is right.If we dont feel free to decide between right and wrong,we are no different from animals.Freedom is immaterial,is free of biases,obstructions of thoughts.It falls under the category of- modern kind of 'confused cliche'.Doing what you want, to an extent,is your understanding of your potential,interests and ambitions in life.But doing what is right is your comprehension of freedom.

My musings:

->You live an honest life,you are free from complications.

->you always speak the truth,you are free from remembering white lies.

->you are true to yourself,you are free from self-deceit.

->you are honest and sincere towards your work,people and everything else,you are free from dissapointments and failures.

->you are free from influences,you are free from being a modern,half-baked steriotype.

->You dont go with the flow,you are free from the fear of losing youself in the crowd.

->You commit honest mistakes,You are free from follying in future.

I never go with the flow,no matter what!I believe and follow what is true and what I believe is true regardless of how the whole world opposes it.

These are the cliched bonds of this planet and the homospiens regardless of which place,culture,religion they belong.We make modifications that seem to suit us in our own boundries that differ indivisually.Like these cliches have a life,and they are sighing and yawing over their age-old existence.Like they need something new,unheard,positive factor wanted to fuel it.

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