Unsung heros  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

When you have ideas but have been in the hideout for whatever reason.The few you know,ape everything you say and do.Yet,you don't feel too good about it coz it them,your reflection out in the world and not you.My ideas seem like unsung heros who've been with me,like precious gemstones.The way they were born out of the hot in th coal mine of mind.yet staying there for people to come and explore and bring it to light.
How we live our lives is no more given a thought.All the pain you can treasure to withstand and learn without feeling bitter,does push you ahead of your past but the inbetween recess is a slow process.Like a seed inside the mind slowly and steadly growing into a larger than life object of desire.All that becomes a galactic challange at the moment is to keep the slow very steady,without letside the outside thats waiting to influence you.The moment thats to be captured transgressing laws of inbred ignorance dwelling within us.What is importanat is not to fail this moment and keep it burning within,the strife,the dedication towards our purpose that had added a meaning to our lives.
We yearn for love and folly and fall.When we fail,we achieve a higher dimension.Its not a pain to succumb to,its newer platform in the plathora of emotions.That we must swin across,to imbibe what is right and consorting.Our ideas with regard to anything are the most precious treasure we are gifted with,never let them go out of hand,esp not in the hands of phoney and wannabes who are imposters and an insult to genuinity of awakened wisdom.An idea is birth of intrincic knowledge thats within us,that whichis our truest element.that which we must cherish and take it forward to the world and for the world to see.An idea is a life that is always yearning to be born out of us,yearning to give it a shape,yearning to be brought to light.
That is what is the most important factor in life all else is a trifle.Hence crown your significant thoughts .

Sports frenzy  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Why do sports creat such frenzy esp among men?The adernaline,the rush that creates which is deafeningly apparent when theres a cricket or a football match.I enjoy playing sports more than watching them.Its just a game,you gotto enjoy it,how can it beckon delirium among sports aficionados?I dont seem to comprehend this part at all.

What sports does to people,music and art  does to me.But I dont feel delirious.