uncommon Stress Management Tips  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

My mind has come up with ways and tips to deal with stress and synonymous created in various situations.

---Stop feeling you are different and unique from the rest of the world.Everybody is,in their own way(Fact).Such thought process can lead to stress.Hence,change your thought process.

---Being too ambitious without channelising your energy can lead to fatigue.Explore yourself to find out what is that one achievement that makes you happy.-Be honest trying to figure it out.

---Stop faking genuinity.Most of the mediocres do this when they get the opportuinity to associate people who are genuine and principled.They simulate their attitude in order to manipulate others.Looks like a smart move,makes one look ridiculous(in reality)

---Shift focus on grooming rather than worring about your looks and complexion(esp for girls).A well groomed person always looks good.

---Understand why a certain person behaves a certain way instead of bridling.

---Think of solutions instead of problems.and take genuine interest in solving them.

Other tips:

1.Watch silly- animation-comic- movies.It works.Its a good break from reality.We all need it.

2.Use uber imagination,day dream about things you want to be.This is the best time.I'll punctuate the metrics of stress.

3Avoid cliche.Cliche is annoying and such an conn-strain.:D.Creativity per se can be trying sometimes.

4.Shut down the world from the frame of your mind.Nobody deserves that kind of attention.

5.Sleeping long hours is a common way to deal with it.Apply sandalwood paste(mixed with cold rose water)on the forehead before going to sleep.(yeah yeah,ask somebody to keep it ready_dont crib)

6.Stop watching that news.and work hard on creating one for yourself.

7.Choose offbeat places for a vacation.


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Posted by Vaishali Adwant

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