My experience with rainbowfm 101.9  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Now that I have been the owner and designer of the brand Faporazee,I get invited as a guest either on tv shows or the radio.My show on rainbowfm 101.9 on 18th of june was quite memorable.

3.00 :started to make a move to reach AIR,Nampally.I was almost near the destination,yet a little doubtful if I have reached the right place.Was only a few meters from the place when I asked a commuter about where the AIR office is?and he told me it's right ahead..straight just a few steps.

3.55:I reach the office,I call the RJ :Julie who had invited me.Follow her to the announcer room and have a little chat.
Show started exactly at 4.30:Geet gata chaal.It started with julie introducing me and what I do.It followed with a chat on fashion(apparently,obvious reasons) and i answered a few queries on fashion and ofcourse by the end of the I sang let love in-goo goo dolls and ended the show with a beaming so long.Was quite a good experience.As I say,each day is new and I embrace it with calm,charm and in harmony.


Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Life's on the 5th gear,
ready to bear and share,
its quirks and queers,
laughter that brings tears..

Simple things is all one needs to make life wonderful.A cup of coffee and yeats in a beautiful weather.Being with people you love,and do things you love..thats what life is all about.Making each day count,doing simple things differently.As I rise and make lovely breakfast and enjoy it with the beauty of early morning,when the sky has not yet removed its carpet to allow sunshine.Morning walks with the dew and fresh air,adds that extra appeal to life.Evertime Icreate,innovate and think ideas,it pours all hue in my soul and life seems so full.

As I observe,I grow in mind,in emotions and wisdom;thank that quirky guy up there to have given me all that I have and do better each day.What we miss is to sit back,observe,retrospect and be thankful for all that we have and can be.Why feel sad,jilted,dejected at any point of time?when theres so much we can explore,learn,give.I'm glad to have found the pleasure of exploring,learning new things and giving whatever I can,to contribute to share with this world.Failures are a part of this life,so why cribe when its not the only experience of human life?Its has its own aura and hidden knowledge that we must unveil instead of cribbing about pandemic things such as your job,your boss,people around you,g/f,bf,love,money...When you sit back and give all of your worries a neutral thought,you'll know what wonderful holding you have missed in the process of cribbing.Why waste emotions on boredom,sadness,and such synonymous when theres always a hidden opportuinity waiting to give us peace,composure in this rat race.

Life is simple and beautiful unless we complicate it.I have chosen not to givin to worries rather work on anything that poses a challenge to my inner peace and composure.True sometimes we have to be tough,a tough nut to get results,get things done,but that is that.Work,love,family,friends,people,muse,imagination,mentation all complete this wonderful process.Each has its part to play,why not give everything its place in the right proportion and balance life turfing out any negative emotion in the headway.Thats what I have always tried to do and have succeeded so far.Life isnt perfect but we still cant miss its beauty dwelling on imperfections.I have loved to explore and will continue to do so...finding new avenues,knowing different people,observing learning and improving what has to be improved.

I love the fact that we are priviledged to be provisioned with so many things that can be utilized to create something new and be happy.Change and newness is what I have loved.I have trained my mind to say no to giving up wht does good to me,my life and people around me.Each day has its lovely moments and I treasure it all.I'm an idealist that accepts reality and still floats through the bliss of fertile imagination.