Assorted Stirs  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant


Here I am,
To be with you,
Singing anew..

Find me then,
On this den,
Where human beast,
Lusts in piece.

Bind us and...
Go to the land,
Where no human makes,
Short errand.

Lure our soul,
Into the sweet galore,
Every breath doles,
A melody untoured..

Origin of Originality

Born in nothing,
Born from nothing,
One morning..
The world began...

You felt the gravity,
You felt the ground,
Your soul is bound...

and go on...
But do you know..
How was I born?

You fought the mirage,
You cant deny..

I exist,
Not in the mind,
Not in the soul,
But life persists..

Thoughts fake me,
Genius awakes me,
Pride takes me...
Where you are no more.

I aint there,
You know anywhere.
You came to me,

You pushed nescience,
To a new horizon,
Everytime you knew,
My spark was in you..

You made me known,
To the world unsung,
A paradox,
Ever begun...


I'm the species,
Known to peace,
When you unearth,
The reality.

Im the flavour,
You taste forever,
When emotions dive deep,
Into this quagmire.

I'm the art,
Innocence knew,
With the human smart,
This truth flew...

To the domains unknown,
Human quests,
Hearts blown,
With faux bequests.

Passion of Couture

Lived in me,
Throught the journey,
Before I could see,
Where I was abt to be.

Gave me fire,
Gave me light,
In the darkness..
Of twilight.

Made my hunger,
Deeper and ever,
On this dungeon..
Where man quivers.

Showed me the way,
To reach Him there,
When man awaits,
To unearth and bare.

My soul designed..
To exist you,
Any impediment...
It would sinew.

Passion knew you,
Before it was born...
In this mortal sojourn.


Posted by Vaishali Adwant

I wanna go to Antartica...

Different species in the far away continent;
Cold and on going,
I wish to live with these penguins:
frozen with my heart,
I dont need to be smart..
Distant from far-out techno-humans,
Close to eskimatic sermons,
A light year dist from spark and fire:
A para sec dist from feud and hostire:
Aint a lovely life either-
Indifferent to pressues n showy demeanour;
Some thrill,some zeal,
With these penguins,solitude conceals.
No wars,no vampires,
No divine sun-deep desires;
No shelter,still secure,
No disease,so no cure.
You alone are wise,
-A mesimerised frog in the cold lake of ice,
No laws of averages,
But only extremes;
No beverages,
Water from the iced-streams.
A bizzare statue of Me shall find,
Juss in a few days,as my shrine;
Mellowing in summer,Resurrecting in winter...
My spirit in it shall remain,
Me grown numb,immune with no pain!
Padlocked in the robust glaciers..
-I wanna go to Antartica...