Posted by Vaishali Adwant

oh how you miss me,
as i set you free,
in the world of wannabe.

oh how you miss my head,
every regret that tear shread,
every drop of blood it bred.

oh how you miss my pain,
caused by your sisters-wrath and blame,
all the envy and shame.

oh how you miss my cells,
filled with your evil spell,
sheltered in the shell,
you made life hell.

your children arrogance and indolence,
grew up to lose their innocence,
under my thought's guidance,
open to the world of audience.

oh how you miss the drama,
in your theater of violence,
now entertained as nuisence,
to all my five senses.

oh how you miss the thrill,
that sent down the chill,
all the venome you made me spill,
till this part of my cycle.
you made all the emotions still
deep-frying in your grill,
all the good things you killed.

oh how you miss the bliss,
of ruling with your hiss,
nous gave you a goodbye-kiss,
from the school of thought,your're dismissed.

oh how you miss me,
and i remember you at times,
when you are needed and worthy,
when justice aint merthy.