Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Do you have longer hair than Alexi?I am drooling blogging about them.I like men with long hair,that length exactly.Uninhibited,free of rules and norms.Why cannot the Zeitgeist encourage us?When we rabbit on the ism of freedom and liberty.Why doesn't it set you free ?

Is it your blind spot to mouth on or your only timeworn axiom left to conserve your shallow identity.Trite remarks and dilations and end of the day,we all remain the same.Carrying banal biases on the interior of your conclusions.I bristle at repugnant banality.How many of you all actually DARE to be YOU and follow what you believe in regardless of inherent antagonism of heterodoxy.For Hardliners who thought only women with hair that length look good,Think hard.Time to let go your fuddy-duddy attitude!

Alexi-!-conservation of non-conformity.

Not all unconventionality is improper.

Not all traditional is logical and sensible.

Not all original is unique,you just didn't think!

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