Great Expectations...  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Those who ride fast,ride alone.A bold,non-nonsense image of a person is by default expected to be so perfect all the time,people start having sensless expectations.I have experienced this especially.People cannot digest the fact that I too can feel the blues at times,i'm pretty chilled-out as a matter of fact.Ruthless honesty and perfection is strictly reserved for things related to work.My work is art,and any work of art,be it designing,painting etc looks shady without pitiless perfection.People expect me to be strong all the time.Thats crazy...!We are human beings,arent we?Leaders,people who lead are expected to be strong all the time..well,that is good and beneficial esp and only if it is related to work and get things done.Otherwise theres a simple side to everybody i guess,atleast there is to me.We seem to develop so many pre-concieved notions about everybody,it hardly gives us a chance to really get to know someone.How many people in our lives do we actually know?or want to know?Fast-paced life is it?thats excuse is good enought,aint it?We can pretty much sail through our empty lives just making aquaintainces and not fully share a mental connection,atleast.We are more inclinced to dwell in pretences and swim through the quagmire of petty phoney goodies on occassions.Have we unlearnt what our anscestors have taught us and learnt to live empty lives.Our souls are moldered to entertaining complex emotions and paradoxies as a way of life.Its a shame how assertion is understood and accepted only when taught in a b-school.We need an institution to learn about conviction regarding self and priorities?Have we really reached a shallow point to have a donnish education to imbue all this learning?Its sad how low expectations we have of ourselfs and others which are sometimes less pragmatic and more unrealistic.

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