Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Tired of conducting your corporal business ?come on get on the virtual roads.This aint a surreal dream and thats an ideal example of a paradox.Real dreams come true virtually.My cognition chuckles at this reality as to how techie can make anything possible.Now for me this could also be paranormal.On day we fine tune those digits and signals so well we wouldnt need the spiritual medium to connect.We'd probably call e-spirits.and we'd pray e-gods and oh yes we are actually already performing e-pujas.heres couple of definitions.

e-meditation:relentlessly surfing the net:D
e-spirit:nope not the wrist watch,the spirits of trance-world finding a way to communication via new found e-commerce application.

e-daemons: those daemons creeping into your data.

e-eating:a glutton cpu that eats your resources

e-longing:longing for a web page to load.

e-breathing:matrix style living (feel alive in the virtual world!)

e-re:-incarnation: loopback fault in His system.He accidentally forwarded the re:msg to incarnate. lol

ee--offline: hehehe for being offline.So much for being real!lol

e-chuck: want to chuck out the e-word.

e-atoms:bits and bytes that bite and chew-out real particles making everthing digital.

So we study One state of matter "e"

Obsolete version was:solid,liquid and gas.

now only one state and that too virtual and that to eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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