A Day at my Store  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

As challenging entrepreneurship is, it also comes along with a delight that you might just feel right. My bespoke designer studio is situated in a quiet mall that has motley of offices and shops. It’s not humanly possible to feel enchanted every day however it’s worth the effort. A workday with latte and a brisk smile in the wild wilderness of ingenuity.Roleplaying from being a hard-taskmaster to hobbyist of creative pursuits of assorted miscellanea adds that extra dash I have always been looking forward to. Blissfully blogging, writing and designing, my studio is a different sphere altogether where work seems a melody blended with harmony of my imagination insync with the rhythm of time. I sit at my desk looking at passerby while creating a fictitious world in my mind. People drop in sometimes to enquire about what I design at my studio; as it gives an impression of some sort of abstraction. That’s how I like it, to keep the curiosity amongst people alive coz the obvious is never attractive and you have less to talk. So I take this opportunity to talk to people about my products and work. It gives me a chance to connect. I like people, I like to connect. A workday is more assorted than structured and I’m lost in the randomness which is my natural element.

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