A thief in the neighbourhood  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

One showery midnight,i was strolling in my balcony,looking into the dark of small hours;pondering in the quite.In a moment I saw a middle-age baldy holding in 6-feet wooden rod sauntering in my neighbour's garden.I assumed him to be an inhabitant of that dwelling as I waited to see his whereabouts in the grave silence.This house has a narrow passage inbetween the windows and our compound wall.The burglar nonchalantly entered this passage and was peeping through the aged wooden window.Just then my spine realized this felon is no indweller.I screamed leaving this crook confused,he couldnt see the source of this shrill voice in the obscure time-slot.He then saw me after wandering his big black eyes and immediately ran outside the other gate making a thundering noise.To my dismay and surprise nobody woke up,still.I immediately rang to the sherif and gave him a jist of what just happened.They however did their bit of formal errand for barely 10 mins in the neighbourhood whisteling and enquiring with other watchmen with of course no result.However after two days i see the same guy entering quietly in my other neighbour's house.Slowly opening the gate and peeping again into the watchmen's house.Just then a cab hits the lane making a screeching noise(thanks to those bpo employees who come home at midnight),and he rightaway leaves those apartments like a normal denizen.However I immediately call the watcheman and inform him and most of the people in my neighbourhood I know of this burglar errand.Since then me thinks most of the people are on a lookout even in their most unpredictable time of the hour.

This was the first time I saw what a thief looks like and his dumbass activities.I wish I had recording of some horror-flick laughter which I could play with full volume to scare this dumbwit away.All and all a sound sleep is probably not a good sleep,esp if such jerks are lurking around.

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I like the picture and the quote it has.
Sorry to say that, but it was more interesting than the post itself.
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