I leapfrog..  

Posted by Vaishali Adwant

Awakened from a nightmare of languor,
Solemn promise to fecundity arose,
In the midst of choler and chaos,
Transcending through the mortal burrow.
Fleeting fame, burning angst,
Passion benumbed by middling hiss,
Acute crusade of whimsies amidst,
I leapfrog to hug and kiss,
The lulu splendour,
Sordidness amissed.
To be bold, I was told,
An old memory did I hold,
Truth and dare did unfold.
In a blistering weather so cold.
I resurrect from the bemire of dire
And cleanse in the intellection
Of lofty ideals and ism
Of heedful cerebrations
Of lucid gumptions.
And bring to life
A novel founding
That unbinds us from winding.

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